Best Paper Award

Journal of Environmental Informatics is very proud to announce the 2018 Best Paper Award, to encourage the publishing of high-quality papers in the journal. Papers published in Journal of Environmental Informatics between 2016 - 2017 are eligible for competing the best paper award. The Editorial Board carefully evaluated those papers according to their originality, contributions to the field, quality of presentation, and soundness of the science. Finally, the Editorial Board selected the paper entitled “W. Gong, Q. Y. Duan, J. D. Li, C. Wang, Z. H. Di, A. Z. Ye, C. Y. Miao, and Y. J. Dai. An intercomparison of sampling methods for uncertainty quantification of environmental dynamic models, Journal of Environmental Informatics, 28(1), 18-22 (2016)” as the 2018 Best Paper Award.

This paper is free to access, please enjoy reading it.

Best Reviewer Award

Journal of Environmental Informatics is pleased to announce the 2018 Best Reviewer Award. The Award recognizes exceptional reviewers who provided excellent review services to JEI.

The 2018 Best Reviewer Award: Dr. Jonas Berking, Dr. Yulei Xie, and Dr. Ju Zhang