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A Two-Stage Stochastic Fuzzy Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Approach for Water Resource Allocation under Uncertainty in Ajabshir Qaleh Chay Dam

J. Nematian1 *

  1. Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Tabriz, Tabriz 51666-14766, Iran

*Corresponding author. Tel.: +98 33392457; fax: +98 33354153 E-mail address: (J. Nematian).


Due to the dry climate and unsuitable distribution of rainfall in Iran, sustainable agriculture depends on the proper use of water resources. In this study, the optimal allocation of water at Ajabshir Qaleh Chay Dam in agricultural sector is investigated using an interval parameter two-stage stochastic mixed-integer linear programming approach. Indeed, interval parameters two-stage stochastic programming (ITSP) with fuzzy variables is developed based on mixed-integer programming for a water resource allocation model to retrieve the water shortage of agricultural products and to achieve the optimal allocation of Ajabshir Qaleh Chay Dam water through its river canals between different products under uncertainty conditions. In this developed method, called extended ITSP (EITSP), a number of alternatives are used to compensate for the difference between the amount of promised water allocation targets and the actual allocated water in the optimal allocation of water. Then a new solving approach based on Huang Algorithm, fuzzy chance constrained programming and Zimmermann fuzzy programming will be presented to solve the problems. Furthermore, using a case study in this dam, the results are obtained for the developed approaches to clarify the described methods and to compare these results with each other. Finally, comparing the total system profits of the models shows that in the fuzzy model, the profit and system certainty increase simultaneously. Therefore, due to the lack of water resources in the agricultural sector and the uncertainty, the agricultural authorities of Ajabshir can decrease the unsustainability of water resources using the optimal model while increasing the cost-effectiveness of the farmers.

Keywords: water resources management, two-stage programming, mixed-integer programming, fuzzy chance constrained programming, Ajabshir Qaleh Chay Dam

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