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A Non-Parametric Approach for Change-Point Detection of Multi-Parameters in Time-Series Data PDF
Y. M. Hu, C. X. Yang, Z. M. Liang, X. Y. Luo, Y. X. Huang, C. Tang
Spatial Heterogeneity of Food Webs in A River-Lake Ecotone under Flow Regulation – A Case Study in Northern China PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
W. Yang, X. T. Fu, X. X. Li, B. S. Cui, X. A. Yin
Assessing Environmental Oil Spill Based on Fluorescence Images of Water Samples and Deep Learning PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
D. P. Liu, M. Liu, G. Y. Sun, Z. Q. Zhou, D. L. Wang, F. He, J. X. Li, J. C. Xie, R. Gettler, E. Brunson, J. Steevens, D. Xu
Rice Plant Leaf Disease Detection and Classification Using Optimization Enabled Deep Learning PDF
T. Daniya, S. Vigneshwari
Specificality, Quality Variation, Assessment and Treatment of Estuarine Water in the Pearl River Delta, South China PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
H. F. Tian, H. N. Ren, X. Y. Li, X. D. Zhang, X. Xu, S. G. Wang